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Section Overview
This section of the web site contains information for potential and current participants. It contains an extensive amount of information needed in preparation of your hands-on learning experience. Because we have put significant effort into providing answers to frequently asked questions here, we request that you review this section thoroughly before contacting us. The information is organized into four sub-pages as follows:

Top of page Page 1: Policies (jump to page)
Page one outlines Earth Education International policies, to which all participants must agree in order to apply to participate in any offering (see Admission Documentation). All participants will be held responsible for knowing these policies and acting accordingly. Please read this page carefully before signing the participation agreement. If, after reviewing the contents you still have questions, please contact us.

  Academic Policies Academic Policies   Residence Policies Residence Policies
  Financial Policies Financial Policies   Participant Conduct Participant Conduct

Top of page Page 2: Preparation & Orientation (jump to page)
Page two provides detailed information for participants on how to prepare for their upcoming experience. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with this information as soon as you have been accepted. The page contains the following:

  Early Preparation Early Preparation   Packing Packing
  Pre-Departure Orientation Pre-Departure Orientation   Departure Departure

Top of Page Page 3: In-Country Information (jump to page)
Page three includes specific information on what to expect after your arrival in Costa Rica. Thus, it will also help you to prepare. It is highly recommended that this information be studied prior to departure, although it may also serve as a reference during the program. The page provides information on:

  Adjusting to life in Costa Rica   Shopping Shopping
  Your Homestay Family Your Homestay Family  

Transportation &
Recreational Travel

  Banking & Expenses Banking and Expenses   Communications Communications
  Food Food   Gallery Postings MediaBlog Postings

Top of Page Page 4: Travel Links (jump to page)
Page four is provided to encourage participants to learn more about the country and region that they will visit. Each of the three parts contain links for the country including the government, travel & tourism, history, weather & climate, and on-line newspapers. We recommended that participants review these sites and/or other appropriate sources as necessary prior to arrival. Included on the page are:

  Central America Travel Guides  
  Nicaragua Links

Nicaragua Links

  Costa Rica Links Costa Rica Links   Panama Links Panama Links  
  Health & Safety   Travel Resources  
Miscellaneous Others

Top of Page Page 5: Sustainable Living Resources (jump to page)
Page five provides participants, alumni, and others a centralized location for resources about how to live more sustainably. It is comprised of local resources (internal to EEI and throughout Costa Rica), sustainable living guides, tools, written materials, and other organizations.

  Written Materials
  Sustainable Living Guides   Organizations &
Other Resources



.Admission Top of Page Policies.

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